At Rupaya, our journey towards financial empowerment has been marked by continuous growth, challenges, and innovation. Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and future plans to realize our vision of global
financial freedom.

Phase 1: Inception and Awareness (2014 - 2015)Genesis Block:

Rupaya was born in 2014, inspired by the vision to bring awareness of cryptocurrencies to the people of South Asia.

Initial Mining: We launched as a scrypt PoW blockchain based on Litecoin, inviting enthusiasts to mine and contribute to our ecosystem.

Phase 2: Enhancing Security and Stability (2016 - 2017)

Transition to PoS: To address blockchain security and scalability challenges, we shifted to a POS blockchain based on Blackcoin's technology.

Growing Community: Our community expanded, attracting like-minded individuals passionate about financial empowerment.

Phase 3: Leveraging Advanced Features (2018 - 2019)

Pivoting to PIVX Codebase: In pursuit of advanced features, we forked the PIVX codebase, marking a significant milestone in our technological evolution.

Bull Run and Crypto Winter: During the 2018 bull run, we witnessed tremendous growth. However, the crypto winter that followed presented challenges, impacting our progress.

Phase 4: Tapping into Ethereum Ecosystem (2019 - 2020)

Tomochain Migration: In 2019, we moved to the TomoChain-based Ethereum chain, aiming to leverage Ethereum's ecosystem and enhance scalability.

Market Challenges: Despite our efforts, the market posed ongoing challenges, impacting our growth and development.

Phase 5: Revitalization and Future (2021 - Present)

ERC20 Token Contract: To reflect user holdings accurately, we temporarily moved to an ERC20 token contract on Binance Chain.

Revamping Technology: We are actively developing a new, optimized blockchain, which will replace the temporary ERC20 token contract. This upgrade aims to unlock new capabilities and propel our mission.

Looking Ahead (Future Plans)

Mainnet Launch: Our focus is on launching the new mainnet, which will feature enhanced security, scalability, and unique features to cater to a global audience.

Global Adoption: We are committed to expanding our reach, raising awareness, and driving adoption of Rupaya's blockchain and financial services worldwide.

Community Empowerment: Strengthening community engagement and empowering contributors to play an active role in shaping the project's future.Our roadmap is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of our team and community. Together, we forge ahead, driven by the belief in blockchain's potential to bring about financial freedom for all.