About Us

Our Vision: Empowering Financial Freedom

At Rupaya, our journey began in 2014 with a vision to revolutionize financial systems in South Asia. We aimed to bring awareness of cryptocurrencies to the region, offering individuals newfound financial freedom and opportunities for economic growth.

Evolution and Adaptation

Our project's history is a testament to our adaptability and perseverance. We started as a scrypt PoW blockchain, inspired by Litecoin, to establish our presence in the crypto landscape. However, challenges arose when miners exploited the network, prompting a shift to a POS blockchain code based on Blackcoin.Despite limitations, we persisted in our mission. To leverage more advanced features, we subsequently forked PIVX and utilized its codebase, making significant strides during the 2018 bull run. However, the crypto winter that followed resulted in a massive sell-off and exposed exploits in the PIVX codebase.Undeterred, we commissioned the development of a fork of PIVX 4.0.0 in 2019. Unfortunately, this version was also plagued by exploits. We continued our quest for technical stability and in 2019, we made a significant move to fork TomoChain. This transition allowed us to operate on an Ethereum-based chain powered by masternodes.

Proud Achievements and Setbacks

Our journey has been marked by proud achievements as well as setbacks. At the peak of our success, we gained recognition and support from a growing community. However, we encountered challenges when some team members exploited the code and impacted the market negatively.

Empowering a Global Audience

While our roots lie in South Asia, we now aspire to empower financial freedom globally. We aim to transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences to foster financial inclusion worldwide.

Join Our Journey

Rupaya's future roadmap entails revitalizing our project through strategic partnerships and innovations. We are committed to building a dedicated and trustworthy team to carry forward our vision. Together, we will explore the potential of blockchain technology to create a better and more inclusive financial world for everyone.

Meet the Founder
Founder, Rupaya