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About UsRoadmap

At Rupaya, we embarked on a journey in 2014 with a mission to bring
awareness of cryptocurrencies and financial freedom to the people of
South Asia. Over the years, our project has evolved, adapting to the
ever-changing landscape of the crypto market.

Our story began with a pioneering mission to introduce cryptocurrencies
to South Asia. Since then, our community has grown, embracing the power
of decentralised finance.
Our journey has been marked by challenges, but with each obstacle, we have grown stronger, always committed to our mission
From humble beginnings as a scrypt PoW blockchain, we have embraced innovation to become an ERC20 token on Binance Chain, empowering global accessibility
Looking ahead, we envision revitalizing our project by assembling a skilled team and forging strategic partnerships to unlock new
While our roots are in South Asia, our vision now extends worldwide. We aim to foster financial inclusion across borders and cultures.
We invite you to join us as we explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology to create a more equitable and inclusive financial landscape for all.